Student course in Norway 2019

We’re excited now – on Sunday, our one-week course on co-production of climate adaptation research starts (hashtag: #c3ar2019). Twenty students and nearly ten instructors will spend five days at a (fairly) remote location up in the mountains in western Norway. The picture shows the Ljosanddalen valley close to the pension where the course will take place (and was taken on 3 October 2019 by Erik Kolstad).

On Monday, practitioners from four municipalities will spend the day with us, presenting real problems that they face in the daily work. For many of them, flooding is a big problem, and for others, getting access to the best possible information about future climate change is a major challenge.

The students will work in teams during the whole week, and their aim will be to create new project proposals along with the municipalities. Writing proposals is an extremely valuable skill that most PhD students will need when pursuing further research. On the Friday, the students will also act as reviewers of the other groups’ proposals. Reviewing the work of their peers is another key skill in academia.

During the week, we’ll post updates here on this site, so please check back in later!

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